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A SOMATIC, SONIC EXPLORATION engaging your own voice to support physiological clarity and resonance.

Longtime master-level therapist of healing arts, Somatic Experiencing™ and Orthobionomy® and Luminous Awareness Institute lead educator Kristen Greco joins creator of Therapeutic Vocal Performance Technique Leslie Helpert, an international, transformational voice-based coach for a one-day virtual immersion.


In this 3-hour informative and experientially-based virtual classroom, engage with the healing power of your own voice through the meeting of somatic awareness and tone, frequency and physiology. Effectually, benefit from a fuller charge of life through your system, a power of clarity in your expression and a new mindset of how the function of voice integrally supports the best state of your being, health and healing.



LEARNING CURVES: Axis Syllabus and the Autonomic Nervous System
Led By: Daniel Bear Davis, Kristen Greco

How do we create coherence as we learn? What happens in the nervous system when we dance? There is a wealth of information in the Axis Syllabus (AS) learning community that aligns with current research about supporting resilience and choice in the autonomic nervous system (ANS). There is also vast unarticulated terrain around how autonomic reflexes and patterns shape our physical learning and movement integration. In this workshop we will explore how understandings from Polyvagal theory and other current ANS research play into our movement practice.


What is our animal body doing when we’re doing what we’re doing? How do fight, flight, and freeze responses support and impede our musculo-skeletal coordination? How can we increase our capacity to feel safe and curious in unknown physical experiences? We’ll explore the terrain from orientation to disorientation and back again, expanding our range and deepening our capacity as we go. 

We’ll enter through explorations of overcurves & undercurves, intrinsic & global muscles, myofascial holding patterns and tone - cycling through periods of activity and periods of self reflection, integration, and rest.


taught by Kristen Greco & Rosemary Hannon


An improvisation class for womxn exploring mindfulness, somatics, contact improvisation, drawing, writing and authentic movement inspired practices.

Stay tuned for upcoming offerings.



This is a unique opportunity to study the joining of somatic practices for addressing trauma resolution within the field of deep energetic awareness and attunement.


Kristen will be teaching the somatics portions of the modules as well as holding small group pods in Oakland.

For more info on programs for 2022 visit:



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