What is the format of a Somatic Coaching session?


Sessions are conversational, generally take place seated in chairs or on cushions on the floor depending on the client's preference.  

We begin with a somatic tracking exploration to see what is present for the client and let this information guide our session.




In a typical coaching session we may work on:


What you are passionate about, inspired by, or struggling with.  We begin with where you are at.




We do this by:


Differentiating between body states, sensations, emotions, thoughts, and how the mind makes meaning


Exercising and increasing your tolerance for staying grounded in challenging situations


Providing support to help anchor your internal witness 


Creating a plan for the future - identifying goals (short term and long term)


Increasing your tracking skills in yourself and in relation to others


Strengthening your sense of choice and agency in work and personal life


Supporting your connection to your body and to your internal and external resources 


Accessing self compassion and compassion for others


Reducing fight, flight and freeze responses so that you can live in a steady rhythm of action and rest






Throughout the session we identify tools that you can access in daily life.


Typically, in between sessions,  there will be take home exercises to support the integration of the work we do together.




Who is Somatic Coaching good for?


Kristen works with:


  • those seeking to transform limiting patterns in their lives


  • people in transition in their work or relationships


  • couples


  • those working to unwind the effects of oppression

  • business executives, artists, scientists, writers, computer technicians, teachers, health care practitioners, activists

  • anyone who wishes to move further into living an inspired and balanced life



Somatic Coaching sessions are interactive and very effective at regulating the rhythms in the nervous system.


A well balanced nervous system creates a sense of groundedness, choice, and well being.


 These sessions access the well of resource that the body has to offer, and apply this resource to real life situations and challenges that the client is facing. 


Somatic Coaching sessions integrate Somatic Experiencing and Luminous Awareness work. Luminous Awareness work is a mindfulness practice that tracks subtle energy and supports the awakening of one's sense of their own innate wholeness.




Somatic Coaching