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     Luminous Awareness Sessions



















In Luminous Awareness Sessions with Kristen you will experience a rare combination of

Luminous practice paired with Somatic Experiencing®.




Luminous sessions have been described as -  "Powerful. Deeply Connected. Potent. Life Changing".




In our work together:


We'll uncover limiting beliefs and identities.

We'll access your greatest gifts and resources.

We'll find your own unique access points to fields of compassionate awareness.



In these sessions you'll learn to experience and perceive the ground of your very being.

You'll further uncover your own personal energetic constitution.

You'll learn how to strengthen and balance your subtle energy field.

You'll find a relationship with your life energy and how to access this as a

deep resource in a practical and daily way.


Recent developments in neuroscience have shown that we are able to collaborate with our evolution personally and as a species.

The work that we do with ourselves literally changes our own brain chemistry and effects our experience as living beings.

As our experience shifts out of a fight/flight/freeze mode and into an integrated, balanced and aware state, we impact not only ourselves in a positive way but all the living beings that we come into contact with.


Luminous Awareness sessions are designed to leave you changed, inspired,

and with a strong internal and connected base to

thrive from in your life.





Session options for individuals, pairs and small groups:

Couples doing relationship work and pairs of family members doing healing work together (ie. mother & daughter, etc.) are welcome.

Small group offerings are available for those would like to organize with friends, colleagues, or family members.

For groups of 3 or more rates are $100-$125 per person sliding scale. The amount of time will vary depending on the number of participants.

Kristen teaches Somatics and Trauma Resolution at the Luminous Awareness Institute, facilitates Practitioner Training, and is a Master Practitioner of the Luminous work.






"Kristen fluidly integrates spiritual, relational and collective threads. Her healing skills span multi-dimensional fields such as unraveling trauma in the body and through the collective, aligning with the Self on a soul level, unpacking attachment bonds through intimate relations, and connecting to lineage and ancestry.


Every session with her is a true transformative experience, I feel incredibly blessed by and in awe of the depth, love, and dedication that Kristen brings to her work." -  H.C.


"I first met Kristen for an emergency session when my neck was in spasm. 

Little did I know that day would be the start of long journey of healing for me during which Kristen has been a loving and patient guide. 


Kristen's background in neuromuscular re-patterning as well as energy work was the unique blend I needed to help my body cope with both the physical strain of a professional dancing career as well as to process old emotional and physical trauma, discovering, and then releasing protective patterns within my nervous system that had been holding me back from living fully as ME. 


I could not recommend Kristen more highly. 


She is intuitive, patient, present, and kind.  I call her a guide because I do not feel that she approaches this work with an agenda, but rather is interested in meeting you where you are and encouraging your own inner wisdom to emerge."    Meghan Mullin      





For more information about Luminous work or to join the Luminous Institute's next training please visit:

photo: Delisa Myles

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