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Somatic Experiencing® is a powerful tool for re-balancing and regulating the rhythms in the nervous system. These rhythms can get interrupted when trauma occurs and result in physical symptoms as well as challenges in one's inner life, in relationships, and at work.


SETM sessions address the underlying nervous system imbalances that result from previous trauma. These sessions are a way to go beneath the story or the symptom of what is occurring. Through our work re-balancing the nervous system, your body will learn to self regulate, and you will have greater access to the well of resource that your body has to offer.  It is through this deep work that physical symptoms can improve and clear, and the story of your life can change in new and inspiring ways.

 My specialties include working with those who have experienced:


                                                                                                Difficulty with digestion or sleep

                                                                                                Prenatal/Birth Trauma

                                                                                                Postnatal recovery challenges

                                                                                                Adults abused as children

                                                                                                Developmental Trauma

                                                                                                Sexual Abuse 


                                                                                                Eating Disorders

                                                                                                Motor Vehicle Collisions



                                                                                                Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia

                                                                                                Spiritual crisis



                                                                                                Systemic or structural oppression



By re-balancing the body's physiological functioning and developing mindful awareness, deep and lasting healing is possible.


A 3 month series of at least 2 sessions per month is recommended for this integrative & transformative work. 

Sessions may be combined with bodywork depending on the case.






"The body has the information to heal itself. Working with Kristen helps me be aware when my body goes into different states - flight, fight, and freeze. Charged energy lives in the body and can be worked with. Discharging “stuck” and reactive energy frees up more attention.


I don’t feel as stuck in my usual patterns. There is definitely more choice now that I can feel more.  I worked with Kristen from March - August. I was experiencing shock, a dysregulated nervous system, and some burnt out adrenals. Discharging and integrating this energy helped me come back to balance".  - A. C.

Personal changes & reflections:

"I feel the biggest change I’ve had with working with Kristen is that I've learned to work through my life challenges from inside out (Using my body and interoception to unwind tension rather than thinking about it or trying to will it forward with my personality). Progressively overtime I have a larger bandwidth of attention and higher resilience in the face of stressors. I don’t feel pulled by the shadows of the past - reenacting painful episodes, collapsing into helplessness, or running marathons in my head.

Feel more in my body, living from my center
Can notice when I get into my head space and have more choice about how to be with it
More resilient to the stressors that would knock me out energetically
Helps me start to feel the physical field that covers my body and work with it
Feel more Grateful, Present to Life, and Spacious
Quicker reaction times for dance
Released a great deal of trauma stored in my body
Definitely gave me a route outside of the spiritual seeking".  - Andrew Cortado




For more information on Somatic Experiencing® please visit the global SETM website. 



     photo: Delisa Myles  

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