Kristen Greco CMTSE, SEP


Kristen Greco (she/they) has been a practitioner in the movement and healing arts field for over 20 years. She is a Master Luminous Practitioner, Advanced Bodyworker, Somatic Movement Educator, and Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner.   She specializes in addressing physical, emotional, developmental and intergenerational trauma. Her work also addresses injuries, chronic pain, and structural and energetic imbalances.


The modalities that she draws from include:

Social / Cultural Somatics

Craniosacral Therapy

NeuroMuscular Reprogramming

Postural Assessment

Movement Rehabilitation / Pilates

Body-Mind Centering

Energy Medicine / Qi Gong

Attachment Theory & Character Styles

Mindfulness & Awakening Practices


Currently, Kristen teaches Somatics & Trauma Resolution at the Luminous Awareness Institute. She is a graduate of the Luminous Body School of Integral Energy Medicine.



Kristen's foundation is in Orthobionomy® which has its roots in Osteopathy. She has a certificate in Somatic Education from Moving on Center in Oakland, and is certified as an Advanced Conscious Bodyworker through Alive and Well! Institute of Conscious Bodywork in Corte Madera, CA.  

Kristen is grateful to have received her Pilates training from Kelly Kane at the Kane School of Core Integration in New York City where she learned the subtleties of touch, the nuances of posture, and the great transformations that can take place when one listens to the inner working of the body.


Kristen worked as a Clinical Bodyworker from 2012 - 2014 at San Francisco's premier sports medicine clinic, Psoas Massage and Bodywork. She was a primary reference person for those who experienced physical and emotional trauma, as well as worked with injury rehabilitation and creating ongoing clinical treatment plans.

As a socially engaged somatics practitioner for the past 20 years, Kristen has developed a unique hybrid of therapeutic work that integrates the physical, emotional, and intergenerational aspects of personal and collective trauma and healing. Kristen consults and facilitates trainings for organizations implementing her innovative research in neuro-physiology, attachment dynamics, somatics, & trauma informed practices. Kristen’s background as an artist and as an environmental and social justice activist informs her teaching practices.


Kristen is a former teaching artist and co-director of an intergenerational dance company at the University of San Francisco and often can be found dancing in experimental performance projects.  Kristen's private practice is based in Oakland, CA and is influenced by her studies in dance, improvisation, and the art of being present. 





Kristen says -

"My work is a unique intersection of physiology, subtle energy, consciousness studies and childhood development.  We work together to create a cohesive and enlivened experience of being human, unpacking layers of defense patterns and physical and energetic protectors to get to one's core essence - energetically and inter-personally connected, grounded to one's own center, and vibrantly engaged in life. 

In this politically charged time I believe it is crucial for us to understand systemic violence and injustice - how we are affected and how we affect others, and to activate collectively from our most restfully clear and powerful centers to create the world we want to live in". -KG