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Somatic Experiencing®/Bodywork


SOMATIC EXPERIENCING ® - 1.5 hr sessions suggested


Somatic Experiencing® sessions combined with touch work are interactive and very effective at regulating the rhythms in the nervous system. SETM work is a powerful way to address underlying issues that result from previous trauma. 


My specialties include working with those who have experienced or are currently experiencing:


Chronic Pain

Injuries from Falls or Motor Vehicle Collision

Postural imbalances

Prenatal/Birth Trauma

Developmental Trauma

Sexual Abuse 

Domestic Violence


Anxiety / Depression

Chronic Fatigue 

Digestive difficulties 

Recovering from Surgery


At minimum, a 3 month series of at least 2 sessions per month is recommended.  


In addition to Somatic Experiencing® work, these hands on sessions may integrate craniosacral therapy, polarity therapy, subtle energy work, and elements from medical qi gong.  


Neuromuscular Reprogramming



NEUROMUSCULAR REPROGRAMMING (NMR) - 1.5 hr sessions suggested


NMR is a hands on technique that is very effective for working with injuries or chronic pain in the body!


I think of NMR as a re -balancing technique. In these sessions we muscle test to figure out which muscles are overworking and which muscles are under - firing. We then re-balance the body so the communication between the muscles works optimally. This is done by releasing muscles that are over working and engaging those that are underworking. NMR work has incredible results and can clear up old injuries and long term misuse patterns in the body. I will often give take home exercises that relate to what we find in the session. A series of 3-5 sessions is recommended.


How it works:

NMR engages the body in a kinesthetic conversation between the motor control centers of the brain and the movement patterns of the body.  It helps to prepare the muscles for learning by re-creating coordination patterns through muscle testing, release techniques, and activation of specific patterns for movement. Through NMR, muscle firing patterns can be re-educated to increase their efficiency and greatly reduce pain.


Upon request, sessions can provide time for analysis of daily movement patterns at work, rest, and during exercise.  Take home exercises are provided when appropriate to help integrate the work. 


Deep Tissue Massage

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - 1hr - 1.5 hr sessions


Deep Tissue is a massage technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.  This type of bodywork aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep pressure on the contracted areas.  Deep Tissue massage either follows or goes across the fiber's of the muscles, tendons, and fascia.  


Deep tissue work integrates myofascial release and addresses the structural balance in the body.  Passive and active stretching techniques may be integrated as well, strengthening and expanding range of motion. 


Subtle range of motion and release work is integrated into each session, allowing chronic patterns of tension to release and unwind.  





"Kristen's keen assessment of my body's needs led to exceptionally useful, effective and nurturing sessions. 


Her technical skill as a bodyworker and her moment to moment curiosity about me as a person created one of the most integrated treatments I have received. It is a rare gift she possesses, seeing and treating clients within the particular context of their emotional, physical and spiritual trajectories with precision and grace. I recommend her work with enthusiasm for anyone in need of care."

-Melecio Estrella
Professional Dancer, Choreographer and Movement Educator


















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